General Septic Services in Kennebec County, ME

septic tank openMore than just pumping, your septic tank may require a battery of additional services throughout its lifetime of operation. Dube Environmental provides customers with an entire gamut of services dedicated to preserving the function and extending the life of their tanks. We’re your complete answer for septic services and a leader among septic system companies in Kennebec County, ME.

Maintenance Services

Septic maintenance encompasses all aspects of the tank’s function—specifically maintaining the proper anaerobic environment for waste breakdown within the tank. To that end, our team ensures your tank is getting exactly what it needs to facilitate proper function and avoid costly backups and breakdowns:

Hydrogen peroxide rejuvenation

This process cleans the leach field and prolongs the life of your tank and field by 3-5 years when done correctly. We recommend this service for customers with drainage fields that tend to flood or act up.

High-pressure hydro jetting

Using a high-pressure stream of water, we blast through any blockages or impediments that may be causing your tank to back up or function at a lower-than-expected level.

Grease trap cleaning

For commercial customers with grease traps, routine cleaning is critical in preventing blockages from forming. We not only pump traps, we clean them thoroughly as well, to ensure smooth operations for your business.

Septic tank locator service

Have an old septic tank buried under your property? Let us help you find it so it can be properly excavated or repaired. Please note that we do not perform excavations—just locating services for the tank.


Dube Environmental also provides pumping and cleaning services to car wash bays to remove the hard to get soot, grit, sand, and debris that settles down at the bottom of the collection basins. Give us a call to schedule your commercial car wash maintenance service.

Beyond Pumping and Cleaning

More than just septic pumping services in Kennebec County, ME, we’re your solution for a full scope of necessary maintenance services. Contact us today by calling 866-873-9199 for more information about how we can assist in the maintenance of your tank. We welcome inquiries from both residential and commercial customers.