Portable Toilets in Kennebec County, ME

portable toiletPortable toilets are a smart way to bring sanitary facilities to events and locations currently without them. From festivals to block parties, backyard BBQs to large corporate events and beyond, anywhere there’s a large gathering of people, you’ll need portable toilets to accommodate them.

Dube Environmental is ready to supply you with portable toilet rental in Kennebec County, ME, as well as all of the upkeep services that come with them. Whether you’re renting 1 or 100, we’ll make sure they’re delivered, set up, pumped, sanitized and taken away when you’re done.

Portable Toilet Rentals

Not sure how many portable toilets you’ll need for your event? Consult with one of our professionals today. We’ll help you estimate your need, and can even help you figure out optimal placement on-site. Then, we’ll take care of drop-offs and pick-ups as needed.
Our toilets are completely sanitary and in complete compliance with all regulations. Rest assured that every unit we deliver is absolutely sanitary, in full working order and handicap accessible. We provide rentals to customers throughout all of Kennebec County, ME and up to 20 miles from our location in Sidney, ME.

portable toilets row

Portable Toilet Cleaning and Upkeep

If you’re going to need toilets on-site for an extended period of time, we’re ready to support you with portable toilet cleaning in Kennebec County, ME. We service all of our toilets to an unparalleled degree, keeping them fresh and safe for however long you need them—whether it’s a few days, a few weeks or even longer. Count on us to clean out waste, absolve any mess, restock toilet paper, sanitize and freshen toilets in regular intervals.

Questions about our portable toilet rental and cleaning options? Contact us today by calling 866-873-9199 and we’ll be happy to explain our rates, terms and abilities in the context of your situation.