Septic Tank Locator Services in Belgrade, ME

Do you have an old or unused septic tank on your property? Are you unsure where it is buried? Answer both of those questions with the septic tank locator service from Dube Environmental, Inc. in Belgrade, ME. We can help you find your tank so that you can excavate or repair it. Please keep in mind that we do not perform excavations, only location services for your tank.

Hydro Jetting and Hydrogen Peroxide Rejuvenation Services

High-Pressure Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting is a method to clear sewer lines and pipes from clogging debris. Using a high-pressure water nozzle, we blast through blockages that cause inefficient function in your septic system, ending unsanitary back up.

Hydrogen Peroxide Rejuvenation: The effluent released from your septic tank flows into your leach field, which must be cleaned regularly. Hydrogen peroxide rejuvenation does exactly this. When performed correctly, the way that Dube Environmental, Inc. does, this process can extend the life of your system by three to five years. If your leach field tends to flood, contact Dube today.

Service Areas for Dube Environmental, Inc.

The importance of keeping your septic system running well cannot be overstated. It can mean the difference between a healthy family and an unhealthy one. This is why your choice of a septic system service provider is so crucial. And why you should choose Dube Environmental, Inc. to perform regular cleaning, pumping, and many other services for your septic system. Call (866) 873-9199 or (207) 778-2467. Our service areas include:

  • • Augusta, ME
  • • Belgrade, ME
  • • Carrabassett Valley, ME
  • • Farmington. ME
  • • Kennebec County, ME
  • • Lincoln, ME
  • • New Sharon, ME
  • • Sidney, ME
  • • Waterville, ME
  • • Maine
  • • New Hampshire
  • • Vermont